What My Newborn Taught Me About Travel

Yep, that's right! There's a new addition to the Taylor family.

My wife and I welcomed our dear son, Stephen, into the world on June 6 and it has been quite the adventure. We've never slept so little, laughed so much, or realized the blessing of life more than we have over the past few months.

One memory comes to mind from the very first weeks of Stephen being home.

He was not in the best of moods to say the least and we had no clue what to do to calm him down. We tried...EVERYTHING. You name it, we tried it.

It was about 8 o'clock at night when my wife finally said, "Let's just take him for a drive and see if that helps." I was desperate for anything at that point so I quickly grabbed his car seat, strapped him in, and had him ready to leave within just a few short moments.

Once in the car, we had no agenda for where we were going; we just started driving.

To my surprise, Stephen's elevated screams ringing through my ears soon mellowed to a complete silence as he slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.


All of this from just a few minutes of exploration? We were shocked (and very, very grateful).

As I thought about this experience, I could not help but see the direct relationship to the world of travel. Yes, I know he fell asleep from the vibrations of the car's engine, but just stick with me for a moment.

How often can we feel like we're in a rut that we just can't escape? Moments when we can't quite point out exactly what's wrong, but we know that something isn't right? We've tried this and that, but to no avail.

And then...the moment when we step out of our comfort zone and experience something fresh, our entire perspective changes for the better. The grass is all of a sudden a bit greener and you've got a little more pep in your step.

There's a calmness that comes in these moments.

Maybe it's trying a new restaurant that features a different cuisine from your normal routine. Or, maybe it's visiting somewhere you can practice those phrases you've been learning in a new language.

Perhaps it's as simple as venturing out into a nearby area to spend some time in nature. Whatever it is - exploration has life-changing effects on the explorer.

And today, I challenge you to be the explorer.

Be vulnerable in the uncomfortable. Be creative in your travel. Be intentional in the act of discovery.

The opportunity is right there. Will you join us?

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And remember…

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