The Wonderful Adventures of Wandering Willy & Wendy

The Wonderful Adventures of Wandering Willy & Wendy children’s book series introduces K-5 students to the values of cross-cultural learning. Join the adventures as Willy and Wendy travel the world, discover new cultures, taste different food, make new friends, and learn how to become better global citizens.

The book series exposes students to a new culture through:

  • an engaging story

  • short quizzes that test reading comprehension

  • interactive activities

  • thought-provoking discussion questions about character traits

Order the first book of the series, Willy Visits Japan, for your students today!

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I was blown away by the narrations ability to immerse me into such an incredible journey. The well-captured story keeps its readers engaged right until the very end. This is where the rubber meets the road with innovative inspired teaching/learning brilliance!
— Mike McKenzie, President/CEO, Vision of Flight, Inc.
I could instantly see the effort put in to teach kids about the city of Tokyo, give a glimpse into the culture of Japan, and generate excitement for them to want to go and visit themselves. I think there is a real place your work can have in meeting the need for kids to explore the world around them - even if they physically aren’t able to go at the moment.
— Kamaal Jones, Pediatrics Resident, Stanford's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
Teachers and reading specialists will love the interactive activities, pre/post-assessments, and guided questions for reading comprehension.
— Kimberly Kelly, Parent, Learning Specialist & EFL/ESL Instructor

Sight Words Workbooks

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The What’s in Wandering Willy & Wendy’s Suitcase? workbooks expose K-5 students to the world of travel while increasing student familiarity with grade-level appropriate sight words. These workbooks are an excellent way to facilitate student engagement/assist in improving literacy in class and at home. All workbooks reinforce College & Career Readiness Standards in the areas of Phonic and Word Recognition and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

Passport Activity Workbook

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Our Passport Activity Workbook complements The Wonderful Adventures of Wandering Willy & Wendy children’s book series. It includes engaging activities about geography, languages, famous tourist attractions from around and more for K-5 students.