Our engaging live seminars are customized to provide K-12 students with a unique travel, project and challenge-based, cross/cultural-curricular learning experience.

Passport to the World Seminar


Passport to the World Seminars are one-day seminars that focus on exposing students to world travel through a series of presentations and classroom-based activities. Students are challenged to apply College & Career Readiness Standards in the areas of Speaking and Listening and Writing.

Passport to the World Seminars enables students to showcase their skills in the areas of:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Constructive & Positive Feedback

  • Financial Literacy

  • Global & Cultural Awareness

  • Oral & Written Communication

  • Problem Solving

Passport to the World Seminar was an engaging activity that unveiled students interest and love in getting to know about other countries. The activity gave them the opportunity to be innovative and creative on how to fund the travel to destinations they have only heard about. The teamwork approach effectively allowed students to show his or her leadership skills within each of their groups, as they discussed interesting popular destinations. The presentations at the end of the travel research allowed students to showcase their tech skills and grasp of public speaking!
— Dr. Damien Moses, Principal - Bok Academy (Lake Wales, FL)
Thank you for a truly impressive presentation; the students enjoyed it immensely. I really like the format; it mimicked what we do as teachers. We provide whole group instruction and then the students are allowed to process by completing an individual or group assignment. This was perfect for the way the students like to work. I like how engaged they were for the entire learning experience.
— Kay Bastian, 5th Grade Teacher - Maxey Elementary School (Orlando, FL)
Our students absolutely loved it. They asked a lot of questions of these well-traveled presenters. In their groups they worked extremely well together, they presented their findings to the class, and we’re so proud of their work. I would absolutely encourage other schools to participate in the Passport to the World Seminar. I believe it is so important for our children to get out of their familiar circumference and explore the world and become global citizens. This program is a tremendous start to helping them do just that.
— Sharon Brown, 6th Grade Teacher - I.S. 364 (Brooklyn, NY)